Forgive me if I’m a bit salty, but love isn’t always sweet…

Introducing Strawberry Flipz, the latest pretzel creation by DeMet’s Candy Company:

Strawberry Flipz

It appears that DeMet’s Candy Company has finally figured it out – I won’t buy it unless it’s new or limited edition. In addition to these Strawberry Flipz for Valentine’s Day, the Flipz line recently announced Birthday Cake Flipz on their Instagram account. Apparently I’ve gotten so good at tracking down products that I found Birthday Cake Flipz and reviewed them three months before they even came out. And let me tell you… those time-traveling Birthday Cake Flipz were one of my favorite products released in 2015. Though I would have never thought a salty, crunchy birthday cake would work, DeMet’s proved me wrong. Still, I had my doubts when DeMet’s combined mint with salt and released Candy Cane Flipz. Low and behold, DeMet’s proved me wrong again.

Strawberry Flipz is a safer release, as strawberry yogurt-covered pretzels have been done time and again. Would Cupid’s bow strike my big fat ass once more?

Strawberry Flipz

Love is often asymmetrical, by the way.

“This Valentine’s Day, share the irresistible taste of Flips Limited Edition heart shaped Strawberry pretzels with someone you love.” Since this is not actually an option for me, I’ll be dining solo tonight. Opening the bag of Strawberry Flipz has to be identical to doing a line of coke laced with Strawberry Nesquik powder. A medicinal strawberry scent attacks the sinuses and I’m riding high. It’s a little overpowering, but it at least gives me optimism that these Strawberry Flipz are going to be robust with flavor.

Strawberry Flipz

My first bite of Strawberry Flipz led predominantly with a traditional salted pretzel flavor. Just as I was about to comment that the strawberry was underwhelming, the strawberry came to life HARD. For such a straightforward concept, there are a lot of layers to Strawberry Flipz and each bite seems to offer the elements in different ratios – maybe it’s just what your mind chooses to focus on. Some bites are more pretzely – others are more fruity. Every now and again, a burst of salt shines through to remind you what exactly you’re snacking on. And those bites are the absolute best. The unifying factor here is that every bite is creamy like a strawberry milkshake. Delicious. Comforting. Lovely.

DeMet’s didn’t take a huge risk with these Strawberry Flipz, but they executed tremendously on a familiar formula. In my eyes, they’re the King of the Candied Pretzel at this point. One downside is how challenging it is to snack sensibly here. Six heart-shaped pretzels is going to run you 140 calories, and you’re going to have a hard time putting them down. But hey… even fat food bloggers need some loving’ too, right?

Love Is Salty Sometimes Rating: That’s What She Said out of 10
How Hard It Is to Share When You’re #ForeverAlone: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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