As I sit down to write this review of the Easter edition Coconut Twix, I can’t help but give a little backstory. This isn’t my first time reviewing Coconut Twix. Consider this “Try 2.”

Coconut Twix

Coconut Twix

Last year, I reviewed this very product as part of an application to write for one of our favorite food blogs. You likely know the one. My review was shit, and I was not selected. There are no hard feelings there – I wouldn’t have selected me, either. But the thing is… I really enjoyed writing that review. I enjoyed it so much that when Drunk Female proposed starting our own blog, I embraced the opportunity. We learned WordPress, barely. I learned Instagram, clumsily. Junk Banter was born, thanks both to her initiative and my undeniable failure. If you’re enjoying this site, please take a moment to thank these Coconut Twix. Let me try this one again… 

Coconut Twix

Likely because rabbits should not eat coconut, the Easter Bunny is leaving Coconut Twix in everyone’s baskets this year. Even before last year when I tried to review them and sucked at it, this product wasn’t exactly new. Coconut Twix were introduced in 2011, but tragically passed away due to a severe case of Limited Edition. I will die of the same disease. But in the spirit of Resurrection Sunday, Mars has decided to bring Coconut Twix back from the dead the last couple of years. Praise Coconut Jesus!

Coconut Twix are described as “coconut flavored caramel milk chocolate.” If you were hoping for an all-natural product, you’re out of luck. These bars derive their coconut from artificial flavoring only and contain no coconut at all. Not entirely surprising, but I can’t help but fantasize over a Twix bar with shredded coconut folded into the caramel.

Coconut Twix

My first bite of Coconut Twix unleashed some immediate disappointment. The familiar crunchy cookie sensation kicks in, and my brain initially just thought “regular Twix.” This isn’t the worst thing in the world – I’m quite fond of Twix. The artificial coconut flavor comes on much later, but it does linger for a good while in the aftertaste. Unfortunately, It’s just not bold enough of a coconut flavor for these to be what I wanted them to be – Samoa Girls Scout Cookie Twix. The artificial coconut flavor that is present is executed well-enough; it’s about as genuine as you can get without using any real coconut.

The primary problem with this coconut flavor (and the entire Coconut Twix bar, really) is that the coconut only resides within the caramel. You have to really work through all of that sugary chewiness in the caramel, competing against the unflavored cookie and the milk chocolate, before the coconut taste finally comes together. When it does, it feels kind of detached – like the coconut was an afterthought. I really wanted to love these because I love coconut and I love Twix, but this was just mediocre to me. I’m fine with Coconut Twix dying off forever. Sorry guys.

So there you have it… a mediocre review of a mediocre product by a mediocre food blogger.

Fails to Deliver Enough Coconut Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Reminds Me That I, Too, Am A Failure Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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