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  1. Sam says:

    Reading this review reminded me that I never got around to trying the original ONE birthday cake bar, so I ordered a box on your recommendation, and I was blown away. It’s easily the best non-chocolate protein bar I’ve ever had, and sits only behind the Fit Crunch peanut butter and cookie dough (snack sizes, not full-size) as the best protein bar overall (only because of my affinity for chocolate). Damn good bar.

    All that to say that your reviews actually do help some of us out here!

  2. Junk Male says:

    Might be my favorite comment yet, Sam. I’m thrilled you enjoyed them that much. I’ve said the Fit Crunch Peanut Butter is my favorite PB bar on the market, even if those things are straight candy bars. Downright delicious. The snack sizes are the way to go.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to steer you right a lot more than wrong!

    • Sam says:

      Right on, man. I found you via your ‘every Quest bar’ piece (I hope you drank 600 gallons of water with all those high-fiber bars), and yours is the best ‘junk food blog’ in this whole giant internet building, so I’ll be following along from now on.

      I hope you’ll consider expanding your purview to include fast food at some point; I’d love to see how your mildly-sardonic style would wrap itself around all those high-quality burgers and such.

      • Junk Male says:

        I’ve considered fast food, but truthfully I have no room left in my diet to go down that road. I may tackle on the most ridiculous of items that are released, however. Suggestion noted – you’re trying to kill me.

        On a serious note, thanks again for the high praise on the site. Means a lot!