Tonight, we pick up where we left off in our series: Who Exactly is Betty Crocker, And Why Is My Ass So BigWe follow with a review of the new Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Brownie Bar.

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Caramel Brownie Bar

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Caramel Brownie Bar

In Episode 1, we learned that Betty Crocker isn’t a real person. But how did she come to be this iconic figure that we all trust so heavily to satiate our guests at dinner parties? 

It all started with a puzzle. In 1921, an ad for Gold Medal Flour that featured this puzzle was placed in the Saturday Evening Post by the parent company Washburn-Crosby. Contestants had to complete the puzzle and send it in to redeem their prize. Since it was 1921 and nobody had anything better to do, about 30,000 people sent in the completed puzzle. What Washburn-Crosby didn’t expect were many of the submissions to also contain questions that participants had about baking. Remember that there was no Google back then.

Because the all-male advertising department knew nothing about baking, they often consulted women to answer questions about baking because let’s be real now. The department’s head wasn’t comfortable signing his name to a bunch of advice unless it came straight from a woman’s mouth, because women sure do know their way around a kitchen.

WELP that’s enough sexism for today – we’ll pick up this story in Part 3 of our series Who Exactly is Betty Crocker, And Why Is My Ass So Big?. But I’m starving, so let’s get to our review of Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Brownie Bar!

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Caramel Brownie Bar

Did anyone even read that?

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Brownie Bar is slightly worse for you than the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar version, running you 210 calories at 10g of fat, 30g of carbs, 2g of protein and 18g of sugar. These brownie bars don’t have any fancy dipped coating on the top or any additions on their surface, but they appear to be pumped full of caramel in the center according to the packaging.

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Caramel Brownie Bar

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Brownie Bars are one of the softest brownies I’ve had in recent memory. They’re soft, airy, and incredibly satisfying if you like homemade brownies. They’re an excellent way to get your brownie fix on; one of the best packaged brownies I’ve had in a long while. In many ways, they share similar flavors to the Little Debbie’s Brownies that you had in your lunchbox as a kid or in your mouth right now. Think of this as a more sophisticated version of those brownies – they’re nowhere near as dense and they crumble slightly just as a homemade version would.

While this a very well-constructed brownie, there is a downside. There’s not much else going on here. The caramel filling is far too little to make a major impact, but you will get a tinge of salty/buttery flavor in certain chews. It simply needs more caramel for this to be something special. I like my brownies with a little something extra, whether it be crushed walnuts, sprinkles, icing… something that breaks up the texture and adds depth to the cocoa flavor. This is just outstanding execution on a plain chocolate brownie flavor. I emphasize outstanding execution, but daring eaters like me might feel underwhelmed. If you’re seeking a brownie without all the work, you could do no wrong.

In summary, those male executives were right to ask a woman’s opinion.

How Much Sexism Existed in the 1920s Rating: 8 out of 10
How Much Women Sure Know Their Way Around a Kitchen Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    i was honestly wondering about the rest of the betty crocker saga. how pathetic am i? anyway, definitely not gonna buy these.. what a surprise!

    • Junk Male says:

      No more pathetic than the man starting the tale and forgetting to publish parts 2 and 3 for a few months. Cliffhanger. Anyway, I knew you weren’t going to buy. Because they taste good.