“Hungry, why wait?”

Welp, that’s all I needed to get out of preparing an intro.

Snickers Hazelnut

Snickers Hazelnut

Snickers & Hazelnut is something I’ve been anxiously awaiting for a while. A few years ago, one of my coworkers brought me a mystery Snickers that turned out to be Snickers with Hazelnuts from Russia. Of course I didn’t know it was hazelnut until I finally bit into it because neither of us could read Russian. We were also far too excited to notice the hazelnuts strewn about the package, an obvious indicator.

It was then I realized I was getting fat in multiple languages.

My coworker brought me a #Russian #snickers with all #hazlenuts. I'm officially getting #fat in multiple languages.

By the way, I told this exact story when I reviewed the last two Snickers to be released: Snickers Crisper & Snickers Mixed Nuts. I’m really mailing it in today.

Anyway, Russian Snickers Hazelnut was amazing. It basically tasted like Nutella Snickers. Now, the brand new American Snickers & Hazelnut is not quite the same thing. The only nut featured in the Russian version was hazelnut. Snickers & Hazelnut takes the original Snickers bar and adds hazelnut to the normal peanuts, caramel, and nougat.

Mars Chocolate announced Snickers & Hazelnut back in May much to my excitement. It was originally slated for release this December, but I guess the folks at Mars were hungry too. They couldn’t wait, and why should they?

Snickers & Hazelnut

Snickers & Hazelnut is a fairly easy review to write up. Do you like hazelnuts more than most nuts, especially when combined with chocolate? If you answered “yes,” you’ll like Snickers & Hazelnut more than regular Snickers. If “no,” you won’t. It’s truly as simple as that.

Snickers & Hazelnut

I’m so lazy today.

All of the flavors of the classic Snickers are retained in full, with an additive effect from the hazelnut. It’s not the Nutella Snickers I recall from the Russian one; think more Ferrero Rocher. And whereas Snickers Mixed Nuts gave each nut the same amount of emphasis, Snickers & Hazelnut definitely favors the new nut. I particularly enjoyed the combination of hazelnut and caramel, something I haven’t experienced much. This is a subtle-but-effective improvement on a candy bar that I already liked an awful lot.

Waiting When You’re Hungry Rating: 0 out of 10
Russian Snickers with Hazelnut Rating: 10 оут оф 10
Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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  1. Traynisha says:

    This is by far the best chocolate bar ever