Tonight we continue our “Blue Bunny Holi-doodle is Dead” Consolation Tour with some cheesecake.

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake ice cream is another seasonal ice cream meant to distract me/comfort me from the loss of Holi-doodle. An ice cold glass of hot cocoa tried its best, but cheesecake? Cheesecake is specifically designed for one purpose: to drown your sorrows and make you forget about everything.

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake ice cream returns as a seasonal selection this winter for the first time since its last appearance in the spring. Apparently Blue Bunny thinks the proper season for cheesecake is “always.”

They are right.

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake is cheesecake-flavored ice cream with cherry and graham swirls. The look under the lid is like a symmetrical crime scene. It’s as if your favorite ice cream has been murdered in cold blood.

Holi-Doodle. ?

The cheesecake flavored base does deserve proper respect. Unlike popular competitor Ben & Jerry’s cheesecake ice cream, this one captures some distinctive subtleties of cheesecake. Its flavor reminds me of a very light, reduced fat cream cheese. Maybe if you took that and blended it with vanilla ice cream? There’s just enough tang and cheesiness to give it a passing grade for cheesecake.

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake Ice Cream

It’s the other two components that really bring Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake together for me. The cherry swirl tastes exactly like canned cherry pie filling. It’s fruity and tart, but also a much sweeter component than the cheesecake flavored base. The only notable difference between it and the real stuff is consistency. It’s not syrupy and it’s not terribly thick, but that’s okay. It’s a delicious cherry sauce and it’s the exact fruit I prefer paired with my cheesecake.

The graham swirl is less a swirl than it is sporadic sheets of candied graham cracker. Their placement is similar to how cookie dough is scattered about a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice creams – in chunks, not a fluid swirl. And their taste? Wonderful. They’re like those graham crackers that are covered in sprinkled sugar. There’s not really a huge cinnamon flavor to them, but it’s the kind of shit you’d be happy to make a crust with when preparing a homemade cheesecake. Crunchy, buttery goodness.

I gotta hand it to Blue Bunny. For the last 5 minutes, I completely forgot about the untimely death of Holi-Doodle. From an execution standpoint, Cherrific Cheesecake is  just as good if not better than the ice cream I miss so dearly.

…I hate it.


Distracts from Reality Rating: 9 out of 10
Eating Cheesecake at Funerals Rating: 6.5 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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