Cereal companies everywhere are trying to reduce sugars and make their products healthier. This strategy aims to broaden their appeal with the suddenly health-conscious masses.

When everyone else zigs, you zag:

Kellogg's Keebler Cereal

Kellogg’s Keebler Cereal with REAL Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Kellogg’s Keebler Cereal with Real Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies! Let me repeat that one more time:

Kellogg’s Keebler Cereal… (are you still with me?)



Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies!

You can take your Cookie Crisp and your little fake cookies and shove them right up your ass, says Kellogg’s with their new Keebler Cereal made with real mini chocolate chip cookies. 

Kellogg's Keebler Cereal

Kellogg’s Keebler Cereal is constructed like this: some of the pieces are sweetened, who-gives-a-shit corn puffs, and the other pieces are real mini chocolate chip cookies. It’s breakfast, snack time, and dessert all in one box, aka it’s like every other cereal except for one key difference:

This one is made with real mini chocolate chip cookies. 

Kellogg's Keebler Cereal


My heart was broken when I first opened Kellogg’s Keebler Cereal. The mini chocolate chip cookies are so mini that they sink right to the bottom of the bag. The top of the box instructs: “Shake It Up! Cookies May Have Settled.” I shook the box of cereal like a lunatic and my dog came running over thinking it was snack time.

Kellogg's Keebler Cereal


Once I got my shit together, I picked out all the real mini chocolate chip cookies from The Keebler Cereal. Yay, cookies!

The cookies in the Keebler Cereal are just like Keebler Chips Deluxe cookies shrunk down to miniature morsels. They share that familiar brown sugar base with a crunchy and gritty texture. There’s less chocolate per cookie than you expect from the regular size, but each cookies has an adequate burst of semisweet chocolate. They definitely check all the boxes for REAL mini chocolate chip cookies, and I’m excited to have them for breakfast. Would have been even better if we got the Rainbow ones.

Kellogg's The Keebler Cereal

And now the heartbreak: I’ve said all the good things I have to say about The Keebler Cereal.

The cereal pieces taste more like corn than they do chocolate. They really lack any distinctive flavor other than “bland cereal.” I was hoping for something akin to Cocoa Puffs to help fill in the gaps from the lesser amount of chocolate in the cookies, but I didn’t get it. The taste of generic corn cereal dominates the cookies both in milk and not. I guess this was their attempt to provide some nutritional value, but the weak flavor of the cereal pieces is glaring. In addition, the proportion of cereal-to-cookies is too lopsided in the cereal’s favor. The tiny cookies simply can’t compensate.

A hugely fun concept, the Keebler Cereal doesn’t realize its full potential. You’ll spend most of your time searching for the REAL mini chocolate chip cookies. You’re better off just buying a pack of Keebler Deluxe cookies and crumbling them into Cocoa Puffs.

In summary, this was a REAL disappointment.

Real Cookies Rating: 8 out of 10
Everything Else Rating: 3 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

A huge thank you to our friends at Snack Cellar for sending us a box of Kellogg’s Keebler Cereal. Snack Cellar has their own review as well! Read their thoughts here: Review via Snack Cellar

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4 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m under the impression that the corn puff pieces are supposed to taste like cookies as well (brown sugar, chocolate, etc) not just plain chocolate ?

    • Junk Male says:

      I didnt get this impression. They’re really just corn puffs with cocoa! And they’re just not very flavorful. They definitely don’t taste like cookies.

  2. Marc P says:

    Darn. High expectations. I like this trend with the Girl Scout cookies hitting shelves.
    Which one is best? Only one way to find out!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Keebler plz plz won’t yal start making the pizzeria doritos again..I soooo miss those they were absolutely delicious, even if u just make them for me I will buy them all!!!!