Ah, the polarizing Quest Bar. “Don’t eat that, it’s just a glorified candy bar,” they say. “Eat real food!”

Listen up, haters. Quest Bars (and all protein bars) have their place. Some people may truly and honestly have no time to grill up chicken, steam broccoli, and bake sweet potato every few days, weighing them carefully and placing them in color-coded containers that they purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. Some of us have other priorities, like taking pictures of Twinkies on our iPhones, uploading to a blog that’s mediocre on a good day, and carefully stringing words togethers to an audience of zero.

Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar

Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar

Quest Bars are perfect for desk-drones like me. I wake up at 5 A.M. on most days and head to the gym, belly full of Twinkies. Afterwards, I go to work for 9+ hours where my physical activity level is restricted to walking to and from the office snack fund, pondering whether or not that workout earned me the Little Debbie Brownies that rest there. Of course it didn’t. Fatigued, I fuel myself with coffee instead.

Sweet, glorious coffee. The nectar of the Gods. A crutch for the hard-working.

Finally, a Quest Bar that is coffee.

Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar

Ok, the Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar doesn’t actually contain coffee but it seeks to capture its taste. The bar has finally graduated from Quest Labs, Quest’s super secret testing portal that is nearly impossible to gain access to and is sold out of everything once you do.

The Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar contains almonds, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa, and natural flavors. It’s sweetened both with erythritol and stevia – natural sweeteners that are probably unnatural.

Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar

Have you ever dipped a Quest Bar into coffee? I actually have and I know exactly what the Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar tastes like – the Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar soaked in coffee. Really, it does! And let me tell you that this is a really great thing. When I reviewed every Quest Bar ever created, I ranked the Double Chocolate Chunk Bar #5 in the line. Since I like coffee and particularly the way it pairs with chocolate, this bar ranks immediately next to it for me.

Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar

The base of the Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar tastes strongly of chocolate-flavored coffee. It contains tons of highly sweet chocolate chunks – Quest’s strongest suit. Some might argue that Quest’s Double Chocolate Chunk tastes too strongly of sweetening agents. The slightly bitter coffee flavor in the new Mocha bar helps soften that quality and makes it taste more natural.

One thing I’ll note is that the official release of Mocha Chocolate Chip has a little bit less sweetness than I recall in the Quest Labs version. I kinda miss it, but it’s still plenty sweet and highly satisfying. Simply put, this bar is one of my favorites and I’m glad it finally hit the market.

In summary, how the HELL do you get into Quest Labs?

Quest Labs’ Barriers to Entry Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Meal Prepping The Proper Way Rating: 1 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Nutrition180 cals, 20g protein, 24g carbs, 6g fat, 14g fiber (soluble corn fiber), < 1g sugar, 6g erythritol.

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