At the ripe old age of “how are any of them still alive?”, the sage little Elves have finally found the sacred lemon tree.

Keebler Lemon Cream Pie Fudge Stripes

Keebler Lemon Cream Pie Fudge Stripes

With their new ingredient, the Keebler Elves have put together these Keebler Lemon Cream Pie Fudge Stripes. This is their first creation since the Elves discovered the sacred cinnamon roll tree and whipped up some magical Cinnamon Roll Fudge Stripes. I’m excited to see if they can build off their moment as they attempt a heretofore untapped cookie flavor: lemon cream pie. I mean when was the last time you even ate a lemon cream pie and not the sexier meringue one?

You’re lying – you don’t eat lemon cream pie. Doesn’t mean it’s not good though. It’s probably good as a cookie too, and you should probably be as excited as I am to try it.

Keebler Lemon Cream Pie Fudge Stripes

You know the drill by now. Keebler Lemon Cream Pie Fudge Stripes are shortbread cookies with lemon flavoring and white probably-not-actual-fudge stripes.

Taking a whiff of the cookies, they don’t smell like Lysol so at least there’s that. As a matter of fact, they smell a lot like the Girl Scouts’ Savannah Smiles. It only took the Elves thirty thousand years to do what a bunch of third graders have mastered for years.

Keebler Lemon Cream Pie Fudge Stripes

Truth is, Lemon Cream Pie Fudge Stripes do taste a lot like Savannah Smiles – just a little worse. Lemon is the very first flavor to greet you and it’s pleasant enough, but it’s still pretty mild in the spectrum of lemon-y things. It doesn’t have that authentic zesty & sour finish either.

The lemon flavoring soon blends with that highly sweetened fudge. To some degree it combines well with the shortbread cookie to emulate the whole cream pie & crust thing. However, a waxiness lingers in the aftermath that isn’t sitting well with me. The Girls Scouts’ Savannah Smiles benefit from that pristine & crisp powdered sugar coating and softer texture that keeps them feeling light and refreshing. I can’t help but wish the lemon were stronger here to distract from that waxy trait of the fudge – a common criticism of all Fudge Stripes.

The irony of it all is that Lemon Cream Pie Fudge Stripes are a seasonal flavor available during the same season as Savannah Smiles. The direct comparison does these cookies no favors. I simply can’t recommend them over the Girl Scout alternative.

I close with a clip from the Simpsons. Maybe the Elves’ lemon tree was haunted, just like the one that Springfield stole from Shelbyville.


Hopefully Turnip Fudge Stripes don’t soon follow.

Simpsons in the 90’s Rating: 10 out of 10
Simpsons from 2000-2017 Rating: 2 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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