Ice cream trucking is serious business. Trust me, I worked in the business for 4 consecutive summers. There’s cutthroat competition between vendors and it’s more stress than you could possibly imagine. I once had an angry competitor shout at me for invading “HIS” park, demand I show him my certifications, and then follow me for 10 blocks while both of us played different ice cream jingles and ignored all the kids holding money in their hands.

While driving around town & almost getting arrested for being a creep, I often pondered what other items could be delivered from this truck (other than drugs). True story: a woman once asked me if I sold dog food. Probably not the best example, but why NOT sell things other than ice cream?

Sidebar: when I told the woman no, she requested some Italian ices for her dogs. I asked her which flavors she wanted, and she responded: “Who cares, guy, they’re dogs.” Okay, sure, so now I’M the crazy one…

Wouldn’t it be neat if a truck happily coasted through the neighborhood selling chilled cakes, cookies, and other treats? And what if your ice cream man was not a creepy old man, but a friendly miniature woman?

What if Little Debbie drove an ice cream truck?

Little Debbie Orange Creme Cakes

Little Debbie Orange Creme Cakes

I bet it would look something like this: new Little Debbie Orange Creme Cakes. I don’t know about you but I most enjoy my snack cakes after storing them in the freezer for a few hours. These cakes are inspired by the frozen Orange Creamsicle bar and therefore serve as the perfect introductory product for the business model I just created.

Little Debbie Orange Creme Cakes

So what the hell are they? They’re creme-filled orange cakes covered in white stuff and orange stuff. They follow the same model as the Little Debbie Frosted Fudge Cakes, which could totally be reworked to Fudgesicle Creme Cakes and sold on this new Junk Truck. I should then get a portion of the profits and 100% of the credit – once I get out of jail for being the creep that I am.

Little Debbie Orange Creme Cakes

When I bit into the Little Debbie Orange Creme Cakes, I was surprised that the orange flavor hit me well before the sweet white confectionary. The orange adds a bitter, fruity element that pleasantly cuts the hyper-sweet white stuff. Debbie’s orange cake has more authentic orange flavor than her Strawberry Cakes have a strawberry one. It’s easy for me to compare garbage to garbage because I’ve eaten so much of it, and this is some good garbage right here.

Between the white coating and the fluffier cream inside, Little Debbie Orange Creme Cakes have enough sweet to accurately capture the flavor of an orange creamsicle. I tried one frozen and this held even more true. The flavors jump out a little more and the cold temperature and firmer texture makes the link to the ice cream bar more obvious.

Unfortunately Debbie isn’t old enough or real enough to drive these to your house on the Junk Truck, but her new Orange Creme Cakes are well worth the trip to Walmart.

Freezing Your Snack Cakes Rating: 9 out of 10
People Who Try to Buy Dog Food From an Ice Cream Truck Rating: 1 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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  1. Amarsir says:

    Some trucks have dog ice cream. Maybe she was looking for the guy who chased you out of his park.