I’ve finally accepted it. Pumpkin spice has officially been pronounced dead.

Once a fall superstar, I recently saw all the pumpkin spice products moved to an end cap adjacent to the toilet paper with the word “CLEARANCE” mounted above them. I lowered my head, shed a tear from my eye, and paid my respects to pumpkin spice before Thanksgiving even arrived.

I got over it pretty quickly when I got to the next end cap filled with a bunch of peppermint crap for me to grieve with. Peppermint = Christmas!, and my love for the Holidays can get me through anything.

Even if you don’t care for peppermint, you should be joyous and merry because it signals a season full of friends, family, probably some alcohol, and constant anxiety over what gifts to get all these idiots for the holidays.

Holiday Mint M&M's

Holiday Mint M&M’s

Holiday Mint M&Ms aren’t a new product, but maybe they are for you. These were introduced back in 2013 and have reappeared every holiday season since, mostly hiding in drug stores and pharmacies but now wildly available at stores like Walmart.

Let’s begin by clearing any confusion in the marketplace. You might be aware that Mint M&M’s (green bag) exist year-round. Those M&M’s are made with dark chocolate. You may have also encountered White Peppermint M&Ms, which are made with white chocolate. These Holiday Mint M&M’s are differentiated by the use of milk chocolate and a color palette that’ll have you singing “Jingle Bells” to your dog almost automatically.

Holiday Mint M&M's

Holiday Mint M&M’s are larger than your standard M&M, making them a great way to ensure you put on as much weight as possible before you begin your New Year’s Resolution to drop some weight.

Sampling several, I’m immediately impressed by something. Ask any notable food blogger (anyone but me), and you’ll hear that limited edition M&M’s often fall flat because the milk chocolate overpowers whatever the advertised flavor is. This is certainly not the case with Holiday Mint M&M’s. These are peppermint city.

The mint flavor isn’t too different than your standard red & white peppermint hard candy, so you must be a fan of those candies as a prerequisite to enjoying these.

Holiday Mint M&M's

I will say this. The peppermint is so huge that the flavor profile lands firmly on peppermint without a poignant chocolate note. My first bite had what felt a fair dosage of chocolate, but the peppermint builds as you eat more until the chocolate is perceptually absent. In that sense, they have the polar opposite issue that most limited edition M&M’s have.

It works, but I’m not enamored either. The milk chocolate makes the peppermint more creamy and desserty than rival peppermint candies. I just didn’t find myself wanting to eat a whole lot of them.

On the bright side, the leftovers won’t go to waste. The next time I go to the bar, I’ll just stuff my pockets full of Holiday Mint M&M’s in case somebody wants to kiss me.

How Many People Will Want to Kiss Me At the Bar Rating: 1 out of 10
Especially After I Mention My Junk Food Blog Rating: 0 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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