The Oreo may be milk’s favorite cookie, but the newest Oreo isn’t milk’s favorite chocolate…

Sucks to be milk!

Nabisco Dark Chocolate Oreos

Nabisco Dark Chocolate Oreos

I guess I never gave much thought to what kind of chocolate the Chocolate Creme Oreos were, but we now know for sure what kind they aren’t with the introduction of brand new Dark Chocolate Oreo cookies.

Dark chocolate is my favorite chocolate, which is all that matters on this blog (the blog they call “life.”)

I won’t lie: the regular Chocolate Creme Oreos bore me, and they bore me to the brink of death now that I think they’re milk chocolate-flavored. Like, why would I want any MILK in my Oreos when I’m just going to dip them in MILK anyway? Defies logic.

I’m ready to say hello to Dark to see if a superior chocolate can breathe fresh life into chocolate Oreos, which were on total life-support at the Junk Banter Hospital for the Obese.

Nabisco Dark Chocolate Oreos

Dark Chocolate Oreos smell HEAVILY of chocolate in a way that the milk chocolate doesn’t. You get the normal aroma of the classic Oreo wafer but then something more complex – deep and dark.

I went in for just the creme first and got something rich and tasty. It doesn’t taste as bitter as you’d expect from a dark chocolate candy bar, for instance, but it tastes more like chocolate fudge or chocolate cake frosting than the normal Chocolate Creme Oreos offer.

I instantly consider them a big time upgrade.

Nabisco Dark Chocolate Oreos

It’s been over three years, but I get distinct memories of the Brownie Batter Oreos here. The chocolate creme has such a richer chocolate flavor that I immediately think they should replace the Chocolate Creme Oreos altogether. There’s no need for both when one is this much better.

If Chocolate Creme Oreos didn’t exist for this many years previously and you asked me if these new ones were “milk” or “dark”, I probably couldn’t assign those kind of labels. But a blind taste test would easily reveal these are more chocolatey, with a better chocolate. The dark creme is still sweeter than the Oreo wafer and proves a dangerously effective “sweet against bitter” contrast while still maintaining a uniformly chocolate profile – what you’d expect from a proper Chocolate Oreo.

Do I think these are the next big thing in Oreo history? Nah, they played it safe but did it well. Nabisco successfully built upon something that’s been offered for years that must sell well-enough to justify all this time on the shelf without getting the axe.

I’m confident any fans of the Chocolate Creme Oreos will agree that Dark Chocolate Oreos are better.

…this is the most unarousing 8 out of 10 I’ll ever give.

Milk Chocolate Compared to Dark Chocolate Rating: 3 out of 10
The Junk Banter Hospital for the Obese Rating: We’re a Little Slow out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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2 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    Do you know if these are limited edition? Also, how do you store your oreos after the package has been opened? Do you have any tips for keeping them fresh? I’ve got some limited edition ones that I wanna break into, but I don’t want the rest of the package to go stale.

    • Junk Male says:

      These aren’t limited editions. Once I break into them, store them in the fridge is the best tip I have. They will last a really long time in there. You can eat them straight out of the fridge (though they’ll be a little more firm and untwistable), or set a few on the counter to lose their chill.