*Updated 10 November 2016: Nabisco Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy! cookies have returned to store shelves! These cookies debuted in 2015 and I’m very excited for their return. Find out why by reading our review from last year below.

Recently, we discussed how manufacturers have struggled to find lasting winter seasonal varieties. Outside of peppermint mocha and gingerbread, nothing has really gained enough traction to stick around. Sugar cookie has been coming on strong the last few years, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that 2015 will have an entire winter of Hot Chocolate Everything. We reviewed (and loved) the Hot Chocolate Clif Bar, M&M’s just released Hot Chocolate M&M’s, and now we have Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy! cookies.


Since I have never said no to the question “do you want more chocolate?,” I’m completely on board with the trend. The term “hot cocoa” is a real emotional trigger, and every memory it generates is joyous. You think of cold winter nights, sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace in your sweatpants or, in an ideal world, no pants at all. You think of mini marshmallows, which are cute and tiny and make you smile no matter how terrible marshmallows can be. You think of your Mom making you hot cocoa as a thank you for you shoveling snow, which was a necessary step given my obese childhood and how little energy I had left to keep myself alive after any physical activity whatsoever.

Ignoring the emotional element, could Chips Ahoy! actually recreate the flavors of hot cocoa with these Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy! cookies?

Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy!

In a word, yes. In two words, holy shit. In five words, I just fell in love. I predicted these wouldn’t taste much different than Chocolate Chips Ahoy! cookies, but I just got served. The base cookie tastes like packets of hot cocoa were dumped into the dough. The cookie base (without any chips or marshmallows) is a nice balance of sweet and salty. Salt is really your key for making the perfect hot cocoa. I make my own healthy version of hot cocoa in the winter (who am I kidding?) and the proper use of salt is more crucial than you might expect.

Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy!

Added to this exceptional base dough are both chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. The mini marshmallows taste no different than Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa mini marshmallows. Outstanding. They are like little bursts of artificial happiness which you probably need dearly because you are definitely dead inside if you’re reading our blog. And then the real surprise… there’s a creamy chocolate filling that invites a chocolatey sweetness to this mouth party. These textures are just so much fun; chewy cookie, crunchy marshmallows, creamy chocolate center. Sold yet? There’s more. The package advises you “heat for a treat.” I think I will for a thrill.

Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy!

This did great things to the “hot cocoa” vibe, and horrible things to my self-control. Does anybody know if plastic is microwavable, because I want to heat the entire package right now, cancel my gym membership, quit my job, and eat melty Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy! Cookies in my basement without pants for the rest of my life (I give it 3 more weeks). You’ll have to heat them more than the 5-6 seconds the package recommends to reach complete and utter euphoria like I just did. Good God. These Hot Cocoa! Chips Ahoy Cookies are so good that I will not be a repeat buyer, because they will be my gateway to completely giving up on all my fitness goals, which are already hanging on by a thread as it is.

How Likely I Am To Buy More Rating: 10 out of 10
How Close to the Sun “Heat for a Treat” Will Have You Flying Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! I was definitely proven wrong. I was in the same boat as you…thinking that these were going to be the same exact thing as the chewy chips ahoy chocolate flavor. I get what you mean with the saltiness of the hot cocoa powder! My parents would always get nesquick when we were little and used that as hot cocoa powder. It definitely had a good salt element that made the cocoa flavor really stand out. And my favorite was always that chocolate mid at the bottom of the milk glass!! Good to know these cookies are worth it! Were you disappointed chips ahoy didn’t jump on the pumpkin spice train?

    • Junk Male says:

      Sarah, I am disappointed when ANYONE doesn’t jump on the pumpkin spice train. But especially after seeing how successful this formula was for the Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy, I’m with you. Imagine a pecan pie filling in the middle?

      • Sarah says:

        Oh yeah. That’d be awesome!!! Maybe they could come out with pie inspired cookies! Apple, pecan as you mentioned and any other pie eaten during winter time. those would be awesome!!