S’more breaking news! Fresh off yesterday’s news of S’mores Crispy M&M’s, we have another s’mores product to stuff our faces with right in time for beach season. Grab a towel and stuff them into your underpants, because S’mores Chips Ahoy! are coming soon!

S'mores Chips Ahoy! Cookies

S’mores Chips Ahoy! Cookies

S’mores Chips Ahoy! are of the stuffed-variety in Nabisco’s popular line of cookies. Nabisco is having a lot of fun with this in recent years. Two years ago, Nabisco stuffed Oreo Creme and an entire Birthday Cake into the Chips Ahoy! cookie. Last year, they stuffed Hot Cocoa (a piping hot beverage) into cookies. Their encore? Stuffing chocolate chip cookies with fond memories of a simpler time, when the only thing that mattered in life was getting the perfect char on your marshmallow without burning your house down.

S’mores Chips Ahoy! cookies are soft-baked cookies that feature marshmallow flavored chips, chocolate chips, and a chocolate flavored filling. The package doesn’t identify, but the hope and the prayer is that there’s a graham flavor baked into the cookie. The Hot Cocoa Chips! Ahoy instructed us to “Heat for a Treat,” and I imagine S’mores Chips Ahoy! cookies will offer a similar glimpse of euphoria when microwaved.

S'mores Chips Ahoy!

According to my guy, S’mores Chips Ahoy! will be dropping in the “very near future” and are “very delicious.” He offered to send samples, but he ate them all instead. That’s how much he liked them. This was bad news for me, but great news for everyone else.

Do you have any thoughts on S’mores Chips Ahoy! Is this all hype? Are these destined for failure? Do you think I went too far with the headline? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Responses

  1. Marc P says:

    I throw in the towel.
    Preposterous! Preposterously delicious that is….

  2. Amber says:

    Can you do a review on the s’mores Ben & Jerry’s?

  3. Justine Laviolette says:

    Is there peanuts in the s’mores cookies??