If this blog has taught us anything (it hasn’t), we now know that the official flavor of spring/summer 2016 is the s’more. Nabisco beat everyone to the punch by a full year when they released the S’mores Oreos in May 2015. Here are some interesting facts about S’mores Oreos:

  • S’mores Oreos had the 3rd fastest launch velocity of any limited edition Oreo. The only two faster were Cookie Dough Oreos and the now-permanent Red Velvet Oreos.
  • S’mores Oreos were the first to feature wafers that were neither chocolate nor golden; they introduced the graham-flavored cookie that would later be featured in Key Lime Pie Oreos.
  • 9 out of 10 people quipped to a friend: “They should have called them ‘S’moreos.” 10 out of 10 people were unamused.
Nabisco S'mores Oreos

Nabisco S’mores Oreos

The original release of Nabisco S’mores Oreos predated this blog. Though I never reviewed them, I sure as hell ate plenty of them. I will say this upfront: I remember liking these in the same way that a fat boy likes cake. I am no longer just a fat boy who likes cakes, however. I am now a fat boy who likes cake that has also reviewed over 10 different Oreos. I like to think that I have a much better sense of what makes or breaks a limited edition Oreo. I also like to think that somebody is reading this and cares.

Nabisco S'mores Oreos

They’re not and they don’t.

Nabisco S’mores Oreos feature two of the aforementioned graham-flavored wafers with two layered cremes in between: a chocolate creme and a marshmallow creme. Opening the package, I smell Teddy Grahams from afar and milk chocolate if you really get your face all up in there. I twisted one apart and sampled the new-ish graham flavored cookie on its own. This wafer isn’t interchangeable with a graham cracker, but Oreo lunatics like me will be quick to spot the differences. The graham wafer is less sweet than the standard Golden one, and it tastes as if it derives its sweetness more from honey than it does from straight table sugar. Honey isn’t an ingredient here (there goes that theory), but it tastes as such.

Our friend Maria from Sometimes Foodie nailed it in her review last year when she said these wafers tasted more like Animal Crackers than they do graham crackers. Raise your hand if you like Animal Crackers!

Nabisco S'mores Oreos

*Raises Hand*

Onto the cremes. Though the S’mores Oreos features lesser quantities of two different cremes, they hold together in a way that you can’t really isolate them. So I just rolled the whole damn thing up into a ball and threw it into my mouth like gum. Delicious chocolate gum! The chocolate notes I’m getting are more genuine and flavorful than the traditional chocolate creme Oreo; it tastes less artificial to me. The chocolate creme combines with the marshmallow creme to offer something that is very milky in its sweetness. Smooth and satisfying. My brain didn’t go straight to marshmallow; it went straight to how fat I plan on getting on this delightful combination.

What’s strange to me? The gumball of Oreo fillings I created tasted far more like a Hostess Cupcake than the creme in the Filled Cupcake Oreos. Again, raise your hand if you like cupcakes!

Nabisco S'mores Oreo

*Raises other hand*

The moment of truth was combining the graham cookies that taste like animal crackers with the chocolate/marshmallow cremes that taste like cupcakes. Would it produce something reminiscent of the backyard treat?

We’re getting there. The graham wafers combine wonderfully with the cremes – make no mistake about it. They taste more like graham crackers when drawing from the extra sugars in the creme, and that honey flavor really jumped at me like in a Honey Maid graham cracker. Better than with most Oreos, the flavor of the cremes – especially the chocolate – does a good job of emerging through the graham flour cookie. At one point I actually tasted something close to a melty marshmallow, but it was fleeting and just became tasty sweetness afterwards.

S’mores Oreos are not a perfect replication of s’mores, but what they lack in s’mores-iness they make up with Oreo-ness. These are s’mores as envisioned by Oreo manufacturers; not s’mores produced by Oreo manufacturers. This is an important distinction, and I really like these. Not as much as Reese’s or Cinnamon Bun, but they’re solid.

In summary, they definitely should have called them S’moreos.

How Much They Should Have Called Them S’moreos Rating: 10 out of 10
How Much They Actually Taste Like S’mores Rating: 6.5 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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