*UPDATED WITH REVIEW* Swedish Fish Oreos are out in stores NOW! Beginning August 8th, 2016, Swedish Fish Oreos are available for purchase exclusively at Kroger stores and select chain stores owned by Kroger. Find out if they’re worth a damn at the link below:

REVIEW: Nabisco Swedish Fish Oreos

The original story appears below:

The good news: Nabisco is set to release two candy-flavored Oreos!

The bad news: Nabisco chose candy corn and Swedish Fish for the candy!

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos are one of the few Oreo flavors that have escaped my fat boy wrath through all my years of hunting limited edition flavors. They were first released in 2012 in the weeks leading up to Halloween, but haven’t returned the past few years. Why not? My guess is because candy corn is a horrible flavor. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but candy corn is objectively disgusting. Despite my aversion to the stuff, I’ll still eat Candy Corn Oreos when they’re released in the near future. After all, candy corn is just straight sugar, so maybe they will work well as an Oreo creme. And at least Candy Corn Oreos make sense for Halloween…

More #CookiesThatArentOutYet. Swedish Fish Oreos No confirmed date or retailers but expiration leads me to believe mid-late August as well.

Nabisco Swedish Fish Oreos

What doesn’t make sense at all for any reason are Nabisco Swedish Fish Oreos. This is the exact Oreo flavor that nobody wanted. Swedish fish are red gummy candies that are flavored like WTF-berry. Nobody knows what flavor Swedish Fish are, and now they’re cookies. What’s particularly perplexing is that Nabisco Swedish Fish Oreos use the chocolate cookie wafer, making them appear even more gross than I’m sure they already are. What did we do to deserve this? Swedish Fish Oreos are the one Oreo that might give Fruit Punch Oreos a run for their money as the worst Oreo flavor of all-time.

All of that being said I can’t wait for Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos and Nabisco Swedish Fish Oreos to hit store shelves in the near future. Judging by the January expiration date on these pictures that I absolutely should not have access to, a release date in the late weeks of August is a strong bet.

Sorry about this one, guys. Junk Banter hopes to share more exciting Oreo flavors for you in the near future.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    There were candy corn oreos back in 2012.

    The swedish fish ones, I’d get them just to scrape the cream off them…

    • Junk Male says:

      Yes! I mention that candy corn oreos were first released in 2012, but I never tried them.

  2. Marc P says:

    Please bud please tell me these Swedish Fish Oreos are NOT going to be a real thing. Please!