I’m positive Nabisco is pissed off at me. First they poured cough syrup down my throat with Swedish Fish Oreos, and now they turned my least favorite candy into an Oreo. What’s my crime, exactly? Leaking all their flavors for the past calendar year? Sue me.

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos

Please don’t sue me I can barely afford web hosting fees.

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos return from their debut performance in 2012. I didn’t know they existed back then, so I never had ’em. Not that I would have been super excited if I stumbled upon them…

Candy corn is a candy that shouldn’t exist but does. Here are some excerpts from a candy corn review I wrote that nobody read:

“Candy corn are chewy, waxy sugar bombs that taste like shit.” 
Due to the fact that it’s gross, nobody likes candy corn.”
Let’s stop wasting your time and get this over with, since candy corn is awful.”

Regular Candy Corn Rating (Any Brand): 1 out of 10

Thankfully, Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos couldn’t have resurfaced at a better time for me. It’s safe to say that if I bought Swedish Fish Oreos, I will buy anything with Oreo on the label. Candy Corn Oreos will test my new theory that all foods taste good when Swedish Fish Oreos are the baseline.

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos

From a formulaic standpoint, Candy Corn Oreos could actually work. Candy corn and Oreo creme are similarly sweet. Hopefully the wafers will mask all the flaws of candy corn, the biggest one being that they exist.

After one bite, what brings me a sigh of relief might bring you immense disappointment: these don’t taste anything like candy corn.

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos

Nabisco Candy Corn Oreos

But it’s not all bad news, candy corn lovers. What we have with Candy Corn Oreos is basically Dunkaroos. Shout out to all my 90’s kids.

The orange and yellow cremes, which have no differences in flavor, taste exactly like Betty Crocker vanilla frosting from a jar. Betty Crocker made Dunkaroos, in case you didn’t know.

Since the Golden vanilla wafers are much like the cookies in Dunkaroos, the best way to eat Candy Corn Oreos is like such:

It's the exact same thing.

It’s the exact same thing.

While this sounds amazing, Candy Corn Oreos are simply too familiar to get excited about. Another way to view them is Birthday Cake Oreos version 2.0. The only difference here is that the spotlight shines brighter on the frosting. Imagine a small cupcake slathered in so much buttercream frosting that you can’t think straight. Voila… Candy Corn Oreos.

Nabisco got the title of this one wrong. There’s no weird candy corn funk to this creme. I can’t overlook this fact when I score them. It’s no secret I’m a candy corn hater, but I wanted to see how that flavor would work inside an Oreo. I wasn’t afforded the opportunity today.

In summary, this treat is also a trick.

Treat Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Trick Rating: 10 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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