Have you ever dipped a Pop Tart into coffee and thought: “Jesus Christ, this is SO much work”?

Kellogg’s and Dunkin Donuts have teamed up in an effort to solve this very problem. After spending million and billions of dollars on R&D, they finally figured it out: just ask someone else.

They turned to their fans:

Our fans have been clamoring for coffee-flavored Pop-Tarts,” said Angela Gusse, director of marketing for Pop Tarts.

Clamoring! When people clamor, you have little choice but to give them everything they demand. Who knows what their next step might be?

And just like that, another beverage was turned into a Pop Tart…

Kellogg's Dunkin Donuts Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts

Kellogg’s Dunkin Donuts Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts

Kellogg’s Dunkin Donuts Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts are one of two new coffee-flavored Pop Tarts debuting this month for a limited time (the other being Frosted Chocolate Mocha Pop Tarts.) While they did team up with Dunkin to get us all excited, they didn’t actually put any caffeine into the pastries.

Imagine how sweet the world would be if the remedy for fatigue was a couple of Pop Tarts?

Kellogg's Dunkin Donuts Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts

I’m so f*cking tired.

I began with my Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts straight from the package at room temperature… the exact way you would never consume real coffee.

Luckily, there’s just enough coffee flavor for these to work… as a latte. It’s important to remember that a vanilla latte uses steamed milk, vanilla syrup, and plenty of sugar in addition to the espresso. That’s a lot of sweet flavors on top of bitter coffee, and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get with the filling to the Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts.

The flavor is creamy vanilla forward with coffee in the background. If you were expecting a STRONG coffee flavor, then you probably shouldn’t have ordered a vanilla latte; that one’s on you. The flavors are a natural pairing with pastry dough, as anyone who has dipped a Pop Tart into coffee can attest.

Kellogg's Dunkin Donuts Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts

Toasting the Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts is quite a different story. The once recognizable coffee flavor becomes anything but. The toasty brown pastry dough takes on enhanced flavor and is undoubtedly an improvement in its own right, but the element of heat burns off the coffee bite in the background. The vanilla flavor somehow transforms into caramel. You know how too much heat can kinda ruin your coffee? Same shit here.

I tried the Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts out of the freezer to satisfy the camp of weirdos who prefer their Pop Tarts frozen. In this manner, the coffee taste was the strongest at the expense of some diminished vanilla. Now I definitely prefer my coffee iced, but it’s not how I prefer my Pop Tarts. The cold pastry and chewy filling gives it an overall gummy texture that I want little to do with.

While it’s a bit ironic that the first coffee Pop Tart is worse when heated, Kellogg’s & Dunkin achieved what they set out to do with Kellogg’s Dunkin Donuts Frosted Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts. Both are champions in the breakfast industry and they combined some of their signature flavors seamlessly. The well-balanced combination of vanilla and coffee feels natural at breakfast time and is a much, much better fit for pastry dough than orange soda.

I’m just so happy we can all finally move past that.

Dunking Things Into Coffee Yourself Rating: 3.5 out of 10
“Clamoring” For Breakfast Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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7 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    I’m the weirdo who prefers Pop-Tarts untoasted, right out of the box. Yay, room temperature!

    • Junk Male says:

      Some Pop Tarts I prefer this way too! It’s just the frozen thing that doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Marc P says:

    a smarter director of marketing would say…. “we need to make doughnut flavored pop tarts. stat”

  3. TheIcon says:

    or Dunkin Donuts could actually make a decent donut that didn’t taste like a cardboard encrusted foam circle with a little bit of icing on top.

  4. Kim says:

    I love love love them!! I hope they make them all the time. They r best out of the box which is best because you just grab them and go.