Waking up is not an easy process in the Junk Banter household. In order to function properly each day, I must first drive to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts and get a large Cold Brew, black. This gives me just enough energy to drive back home, eat a handful of Oreos for breakfast, and go back to sleep for another three hours before trying again later.

Once up, I get in my car and drive around the world searching for newly released Oreos so I can blog about them to roughly eighteen people. This is the life of a junk food blogger, but when I’m successful, the payoff is enormous: I get one new follower on Instagram.

Today, I found the perfect Oreo to pair with my morning coffee.

Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Oreos

Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos

Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos! This is the first coffee-flavored Oreo since the actual first ever coffee-flavored Oreo debuted many, many years ago. Only cookie-obsessed mutants like me will remember that Double Delight Oreo existed in the early 2000s, and one of the flavors was Coffee ‘n Creme.  If you’re a normal human being, then you’ll be losing your Coffee Oreo virginity about 15 years after me. I promise you it’s the only loss of V-card that I beat you to.

Teaming with Dunkin’ Donuts is a strong rebound for Nabisco considering their last two brand partnerships were Swedish Fish Oreos and Peeps Oreos. After trying both, they might as well have paired with Robitussin and whatever company makes the best rat poison.

Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Oreos

Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos smell a lot more like plain chocolate Oreos than they do coffee, but I don’t buy my food to smell it; I buy it to eat it and talk about it on the Internet.

And thankfully, the Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos taste a lot better than they smell. There is DEFINITE coffee flavor in the creme, the kind of coffee that a 13-year old would make with creme and 45 packets of sugar. The creaminess is especially prevalent and the coffee notes aren’t bitter. The creme sways a lot more towards coffee than it does chocolate in the “mocha” recipe, but this coffee isn’t a super bold blend. It’s actually fantastic for a cookie. Reminds me of the now-deceased DD Coffee Coolatta.

Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Oreos

The chocolate cookie wafers do all the legwork in rounding out the mocha angle. More than that though, the chocolate wafers give these cookies their classic Oreo qualities. The creme really shines against the dark cocoa backdrop, with the sweet coffee notes jumping at you rather intensely after a brief moment. The wafers and the creme complement each other in a fashion not seen by any of the new Oreo releases in the past 12 months. In fact, I think these trail only Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos for the title of the Best Limited Edition Chocolate Oreo… ever.

The world desperately wanted coffee-flavored Oreos, and Nabisco delivered solidly with Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos. They’ve also given me the idea to make T-shirts that read: “But First, Oreos.” There may be some out there who desire an even stronger coffee flavor, but keep in mind that they’re intentionally mocha-flavored. Then keep in mind that you’re totally gonna dunk these in your Dunkin’ Donuts coffee just so you have something cool to upload to your Snapchat story.

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“But First, Oreos” T-Shirt Rating: 10 out of 10
Odds You’ll Follow Me on Snapchat Rating: 0 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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5 Responses

  1. Bob Kupniewski says:

    45 packets of sugar and coffee… Sign me up!!!!

    • Junk Male says:

      It’s funny because I normally drink my coffee black, but in cookie form? Gimme that sugar baby.

  2. Dunkin’ paired to make awesome Pop-Tarts. Still my favorite flavors.

    • Junk Male says:

      I think these capture the coffee flavor even better than the Pop Tarts, so hopefully you love these! I preferred the Vanilla Latte Dunkin’ Pop Tarts to the Mocha.

  3. Kelly says:

    Saw your post on Intstagram with all of your Oreo packages that you had in the freezer, & I definitely agree that Nabisco needs to bring back The Cotton Candy flavor. Like now!