If you’re reading this today (you’re not), you fall into one of two camps. Camp A is obsessed with cookie butter, and Camp B has no idea what it is.

Let’s bring the loser, idiot camp (Camp B) up to speed with a little cookie butter history.

One day a guy was eating peanut butter and thought to himself: “this isn’t fattening enough.” He replaced the peanuts with cookies to strip all nutritional value, crushed em’ up, and then added more fat, flour and sugar until it spread like peanut butter. Voila, cookie butter. The only other thing you need to know is that it’s good on everything.

To drive nutritional value further into the negatives, Nabisco is now making cookies with cookie butter!

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos

It’s truly a great time to be a fat guy.

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos are FINALLY here, better late than never.

Trader Joe’s championed the U.S. Cookie Butter Movement in 2012 when it stole the idea from Belgium. It’s traditionally made from Belgian spiced speculoos cookies, but we wasted no time Americanizing the hell out of it. Soon we had a cookies & cream version (Oreo Cookie Butter) and a pumpkin spice version (White Girl Cookie Butter) to claim that shit as our own.

It’s surprising, then, that it took Nabisco five whole years before releasing these Cookie Butter Oreos. Trader Joe’s rolled out Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies over two years ago; they were so good that I gave them an impossible 16 out of 10. Additionally, Trader Joe’s has been shamelessly producing knock-off Oreos for as long as I can remember…

It’s about time Nabisco fires back and shows just how easy it is to steal something that we already stole from the Belgians.

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos are made with the graham flavored wafer and a cookie butter flavored creme.

One sniff and you’ll instantly be fatter than you were the minute before. These bad boys will literally leap out of the package into your open mouth – the smell is so inviting you can’t control yourself. Warm spice, deep graham, and straight sugar greet the nostrils in harmony.

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos

A wonderful surprise is that Nabisco made this creme gritty to emulate crushed cookies. The flavors you smell are the same you’ll taste: spice, graham, and sugar. It’s a knockout combination that I absolutely adore, but there are still a couple of caveats worth mentioning.

The spice flavor in Cookie Butter Oreos isn’t as strong as the real deal. I get the tasty cinnamon notes, but they’re a bit overcome by the sweetness of classic Oreo creme. The graham cookie doesn’t taste like graham CRACKERS, either, but pairing the cookie butter creme with the graham wafer does give a very “graham cracker” feel to the total package. I suspect the cinnamon wafer they feature in Cinnamon Bun Oreos would have been a better choice.

The other caveat is a related one: I’m positive this isn’t better than simply spreading Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter on two graham crackers, two Oreo wafers, or two of your fingers and whatever else you have lying around, like a third finger.

Other than that, Cookie Butter Oreos are a beautifully balanced cookie that I will probably spread cookie butter on.

Cookie Butter Oreos

There was never any “probably” about it.

Cookie Butter’s Nutritional Value Rating: 0 out of 10
Putting It On Everything Rating: 10 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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5 Responses

  1. Tasha says:

    I’ve never had the Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter my favorite has always been the original Biscoff. Can’t wait to try these!

    • Junk Male says:

      The original Biscoff is a classic as well! I think you’ll agree that Biscoff wins out, but these are surely a damn good cookie.

  2. Sheila says:

    Cookie butter cookies feels like the same cookie inception as the cookies & creme Oreos.

    • Junk Male says:

      We got awfully close to that territory, but at last the cookies in the creme WERE A DIFFERENT COOKIE this time.

  3. Linda Parry says:

    The cookie butter Oreo cookie is THE BEST Oreo ever!!! All of my family loved it, and so did I!! Please tell me you will bring them back!