Since starting this blog, my sole purpose in life is to eat new Oreos and talk about it. While this sounds fantastic (and it is), trust me when I say that it takes its toll. Keeping up with all the new Oreo releases is more mentally and physically exhausting than all of the workouts that I skipped since starting the blog. Tonight’s review will be the twentieth Oreo review we’ve done in less than a year’s time. As soon as one hunt ends, another Oreo is leaked by some idiot with a computer and a password. The latest “Oh No They Didn’t” variety is the Nabisco Choco Chip Oreo.

Nabisco Choco Chip Oreos

Nabisco Choco Chip Oreos

While eating all the new Oreos is a tough job, imagine actually trying to come up with the flavors:

“Dammit, there’s nothing left to turn into cookies!” shouts a Nabisco chef who won’t last long.
“Guys, who cares? They’ll buy whatever we sell,” 
says the guy who totally gets it.
Just flavor them like other cookies so nobody even has a choice anymore.”

A silence falls upon the room.

Nabisco Choco Chip Oreos are the ultimate power move that may be a stroke of genius. Flavoring the world’s greatest cookie with the world’s second greatest cookie completey corners the consumer into a purchase. The only time my cookie dollars aren’t going towards Oreos is when they’re going towards chocolate chip cookies, so this could save me some dough that I can put into my “The Next Oreo” fund.

And speaking of dough, Nabisco Choco Chip Oreos arrive several years after the Cookie Dough Oreos were released. Only problem was, those cookies tasted like coffee and not cookie dough. After baking for the last two and a half years, the cookies have finally risen and Choco Chip Oreos are served. Will the final product actually taste like chocolate chip cookies this time?

Nabisco Choco Chip Oreos

Cookie Flavored Cookies

Nabisco Choco Chip Oreos certainly smell like chocolate chip cookies more than they do regular Oreos, so a solid foundation is laid. These cookies utilize a two-toned Golden/brown wafer that has chocolately bits throughout. The creme is “choco” chip flavored. Nabisco didn’t pay enough to acquire the rights to use the word chocolate.

Whatever a choco chip is, I like what I’m tasting. The creme does have a flavor that’s suggestive of a baked chocolate chip cookie; not a raw cookie dough. The balance favors the floury part of a finished cookie that doesn’t have too many chocolate chips. It’s extra creamy and milky sweet, which makes me feel like a kid dunking his chocolate chip cookies in milk. The creme is sweet enough that I know it was inspired by the best kind of homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe – one with too much table sugar.

The creme to the Choco Chip Oreos has a second element layered underneath. It’s not quite coffee this time, but I got distinct notes of caramel rounding out the flavor profile. This element drives the overall package further from chocolate chip cookies, but the flavors complement each other nicely. If my girlfriend came up to me and told me she snuck in some caramel-flavored chips into the chocolate chip cookies she baked for me, my fantasy where I actually had a girlfriend and she actually bakes me cookies would finally be true. I wouldn’t be mad about the caramel.

Nabisco Choco Chip Oreos

“You spend way too much time on your blog.”

Maybe I’m just dumb (definitely), but I think these Choco Chip Oreo wafers are different than any other. They taste less sweet than the Golden vanilla wafer, but more sweet than the graham-flavored cookie used in S’mores, Key Lime Pie, and Blueberry Pie Oreos.  The best comparison I can offer these wafers are Chocolate Chip Teddy Grahams. I would snack on these by themselves if I wasn’t too busy eating them with creme.

Together with the creme, Nabisco Choco Chip Oreos are tasty but with imperfect execution. I was reminded of the S’mores Oreos to a degree, with the addition of that caramel flavor and a reduction in the chocolate flavor. My biggest complaint with the Choco Chip Oreos are that they need more chocolate in the creme. Something akin to a semi-sweet chocolate would work wonderfully to impart some more chocolate while cutting the rich, caramel-y sweetness that grew cumbersome after a while. What I’m not suggesting is that they use the cocoa wafers, because I feel strongly that these Teddy Graham wafers were the right choice.

In summary, these are better than the Cookie Dough Oreos.

Cookie Flavored Cookie Rating: 8 out of 10
How Much Income Goes To “The Next Oreo” Fund Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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6 Responses

  1. I’m due for a #swipeleft comment, and it’s being placed right chere. I’d rather just take a glob of actual cookie dough and throw it in between the teddy Graham wafers.


  2. Lindsay says:

    I bought a package of the cinnamon bun oreos a couple days ago and I 100% blamed you while doing so

  3. Jeff says:

    Great review, but can you provide information about where to find the things you review? I think in a previous Instagram post you may have said Walmart exclusive? Photo has a Walmart sign so that seems to back it up, but mentioning it in the review would be great. Thanks for suffering through so many Oreos to bring us such good reviews.

    • Junk Male says:

      Jeff, these are a Walmart exclusive for now, and only at select Walmarts. I believe they will be hitting wider distribution on July 11th. Stay tuned for a new feature I’m going to test out tomorrow that will include some location info for the products I find.