The season of new Oreos rolls on, and Nabisco and Dollar General have teamed up to trick us into going to Dollar General:

Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos

Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos

Nabisco Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos are exclusive to Dollar General stores, which is probably the last store you’d expect to carry an exclusive Oreo. Now, Dollar General is a great store and all, but I usually only go there when I am: a) lost and thirsty, b) low on money and thirsty, or c) out of toilet paper and desperate.

Today I am the proud owner of 2 cans of Monster, discounted AngelSoft, and the Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos.

When I really think about it, Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos are the PERFECT exclusive for Dollar General. These Oreos use chocolate wafers, half chocolate creme, and half whipped cream flavored creme. That’s right, we have a brand new cream-flavored creme. Sure they’re a little less meta than the Cookies & Creme Oreos, but it couldn’t have been that difficult to tweak the normal vanilla slightly and slap together some existing product to build these. I can picture one executive admitting how lazy this was and saying: “Yeah, just ship this one to Dollar General and hide it from everyone else.”

Oh, and good luck finding it once you’re there. They literally put shit wherever they feel like it.

Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos

Let’s tackle the Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos in halfsies. The chocolate half tastes great – it’s smooth and sweet and light, much like a chocolate pudding or mousse. Nothing new here and no glaring complaints. Mississippi Mud Pies come in all kinds of variations but a pudding layer isn’t uncommon. My personal suggestion would be to tweak the chocolate creme to add more richness or decadence (or just bring back the f*cking Brownie Batter Oreos already), but I can deal with this.

Now let’s see what’s going on with this new whipped cream creme that Dollar General has a monopoly on. My first thought is that it’s less sugary and more “milky” than the standard Oreo vanilla. The similarities exist for sure, and I think we all knew they would. But I feel confident, proud, and embarrassed that I am able to detect these subtle nuances.

Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos

Putting it altogether worked better than I expected. Working in these cookies’ favor is the fact that the namesake pie is made with a chocolate cookie crust. Unless your brain is made out of whipped cream, you’re going to choose the Oreo to make that cookie crust. It’s a little gimmicky but honestly… this was a smart gimmick.

The final product isn’t a far cry from Triple Double Oreos by its very design; it just has one less cookie wafer and half the creme. The ratios are actually more satisfying in my opinion. It combines elements of both the traditional Oreo and the Chocolate Oreo in one bite, with the creamy chocolate flavor taking precedence and the whipped creme portion playing second fiddle.

A final comparison: Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos have a more distinct flavor than the Filled Cupcake Oreos and more closely resemble their advertised flavor. Oreo success is best measured by direct comparison, and today we have a success on our hands.

In summary, liquid laundry detergent is $2 off at Dollar General this week.

Cream Flavored With Itself Rating: 8 out of 10
Difficulty Locating Products in Dollar General Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Kupniewski says:

    I was going to ask you how these compared to the filled cupcake oreos since they are close in description. Seems like the vanilla cream/Whipped cream is more noticible making it a touch better and providing a stronger balance of whip cream/chocolate.

  2. Sheila says:

    On my third Dollar General in two different cities, no joy. This is starting to feel like a hoax.

  3. susan bartelt says:

    No such luck in Wisconsin.